Some of the most common things to know about Mobile Applications: Part 2

Mobile applications have grabbed the market in the recent times. The smart phone users are getting more and more inclined towards them. The wide range and variety of applications have now become the major part of every compatible device.

In the previous part of this article [Part 1] we learned about some of the basic facts and things to know about mobile applications, here in this part also we would see some more of such points and understand the answers to some of the most common queries related to mobile apps.

Is updating the apps important.

Generally the apps are designed in such a way that they indicate you when updates are available for your apps. So it is always good to update the apps that you have installed in the device and its operating system whenever you find a new version available. It is fine to get your application updated as you can be sure that your device is protected from malware by the security patches of the applications.

Do the apps infects the phone with any malware?

There are some hackers who create apps which can infect the phones and mobile devices with different malware. There can be instances when suddenly your phone starts sending emails or text messages that you may not have written. This is an indication that your device is infected by malware or viruses.

But you can deal with this issue easily. Suppose if you are facing similar problems you can contact customer support for the company that made your device or you may also contact your mobile phone carrier for help. Another option is installing a security app which would scan and remove apps if it detects malware. The security application or the anti-virus apps are pretty new in the market, but you can get them free with some smart phones of tablets.

Trusting the reviews available with each and every app.

In all app stores you would find user reviews that help you to know about the pros and cons of the apps and decide whether to download or not.

But there are some app developers and people marketing these apps who poses as consumers to post positive comments about their own products. But this is actually illegal.

Ways to restrict the usage of apps by kids and young children.

Several types of , you can talk to them about your rules for using those apps.

Tips For Shopping Online

1. Shop around when you shop online. You might find that prices for certain items can vary greatly from store to store. To be sure you get the best deal, look at some different stores to learn their prices, as well as shipping charge. This will allow you to get the very best deal you can.

2. Never give out your Social Security number to an online merchant. This number is not required for placing orders online. Giving an online store your Social Security number can help them use your personal and personal information to steal your identity. To prevent that, if you continue an online store site and see that as being a requirement, usually do not buy anything from them and shop elsewhere.

3. Know about the dangers of shopping online with your mobile device. Although it's convenient for a number of reasons, it does put your personal information at an elevated risk for eavesdropping. Public wi-fi and abbreviated URLs are much easier to get around than conventional computing from home, so save your shopping fix for your safest conditions.

4. Be sure that you're entering your payment details on a secure site. Search for "https://" within the URL of the site that you're attempting to buy something from. If you don't see that or no sign of any website security, then it's probably a wise idea not to trust those people together with your account information.

5. Sign up for the website's newsletter if they have one. Many times stores will give you a discount or some form of deal when you sign up for their newsletter. Determine whether there is a deal associated with registering for the newsletter at any store you want to shop at.



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